Animal Communication Team



Animal Communicator.

Using essence to essence for interspecies communication. Specializing in cats and channeling the wisdom and guidance from Sabian and Muu.

Gained a wealth of knowledge from working with Sabian for the last 15 years.

Studied with animal communicator Anna Breytenbach and worked  with Sharon Callahan during the Bast – 35 cat project.




MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAn immense being of light who took on a physical form  to work as a guide and companion.  Full of wisdom and compassion and a wealth of knowledge. A master cat. It took 35 cats to replace the work that Sabian did while in a body.

Out of body, he continues to guide and teach. Working with other animals, especially felines to help us all remember our internal nature.

Sabian now works with me to help animals with their companion humans to remember who they are and with the issues of day to day life.

Read about Sabian’s beginning or why it took 35 cats to replace him!



img_9544A master cat in training. Sabian worked with Muu on the practical aspects of being a spirit guide while Muu was in a body.  Muu brought in his own gifts and talents for working and communicating with other animals.  His training still continues with Sabian overseeing the process.

Muu is happy to be back to assist with those on earth. He brings wisdom and a sense of humor.  Like Sabian, not to take life too seriously.

Read Muu’s story.



As a team working together to bring balance and harmony to the human/ animal relationship.  Sabian and Muu working directly with the animal with Sophia providing the voice.  A unique opportunity for direct animal wisdom. Working with any companion animal and specializing in cats.


Please email  if you would like more information or to schedule a session with the team. Work is done over phone or Skype.

Sessions are $64/ 30 min. Or  $100/60min.

We look forward to hearing from you!