Wisdom from Sabian


Breathe……. Again…… And once more… Big deep breath


There… Listen to my voice… Focus your attention on my voice.
Laughter, yes.. It will get to the point where you will not ‘hear’ me and just type. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Enjoy the kitty that is sleeping near you. He is there to help, to remind you.

He wants to work with you now. Allow it to be.

Connect heart to heart with him. You know how.

The block you are encountering is shifting, be patient. Impatience will slow the process.

Breathe again

There are kitty signs for you out there.
Have you noticed that Cat pictures are showing up all over the place?

Remember….. Remember…. Remember

This may not make sense. That is okay, put it up on the blog anyway.


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