Converstations with Sabian




 Thank you for the feeling of your paws on the keyboard.
It helps, yes?
Oh yes, very much so.
Don’t get caught up on the other energies, the people in the house that are watching tv. I know it’s difficult, you will find the quiet that you need.
It is coming, and faster than you are aware.
There is a sense of armies/legions of assistance on its way.
Yes, this is true. Use this opportunity to practice presence.
It is a challenge with the energy of the those you are temporarily sharing space with. You have not had to muscle up like this before.  Use this time of challenge as an opportunity. You will find it is obvious the minute you loose center while having to swim in these new waters. A good opportunity to strengthen the practice of always being in your center, always present. 
There is a lot of low vibrational input from the area(s) around you right now. Yes?
Yes, more than I had imagined.
You’ve also watched as miracles have happened and seen how that (harsh energies) has ceased for a bit here and there.
You mean like the news on the tv that had been constantly playing since I arrived ceasing  because someone messed up the remote and didn’t figure it out for two days.
Exactly.  (Big knowing grin)
Work on allowing Source to hold to your boundaries, a time to pull up your strength and surrender into who you truly are on a moment to moment basis.  Each moment, allow time to stand still if you need.
At this time you need to be vigilant about the energies, but not uptight about it. Don’t’ go into contraction.
Focus on the many positive things with this recent change. You know, those things that you  bring a smile to your face. Pay attention. Watch when you find yourself smiling. 
LOL, like now. (Another huge grin) 
Thank you

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