Conversations with Sabian

Sabian was in a comic mood when this came through.  He was the one to start the conversation. I barely had my hands on the keyboard. I knew something was up when he started with the long echo hello like you hear from across a canyon.



Relax tiyr nubd and ket tiyr fubgers type ....may want to get your fingers on the right keys first.  ROFL now everyone will know that you type these with your eyes closed! (He thinks this is VERY funny.)


Made you smile.

That you did. (As a feel the corners of my mouth go up)

There you go. You gotta lighten up!
Allow yourself moments of laughter, of joy!

When it cools down go outside and spend some time with the trees.

Let me give you an insight. There is a part of you that desires to have doubts, to use as a distraction and a reason not to go forward. Drop that and Forge ahead!

(Showing memories of lying in the sand at the beach. Sitting under a tree in the mountains in spring. Lying in the grass in the fall and walking in the snow in winter.)

Why are you giving me memories of different outside experience from the different seasons?

Why does each of those memories standout?

Because they were moments I paused to take a breath and just allowed myself to be fully present in the joy of the moment and the joy of just Being.


Give yourself more of these.
Even though you are not outside you can give yourself one of them right now. Be fully present in this moment. In-joy of BE-ing the moment.

As I did this I found the joy well up from within.

You see, each moment can be special if you allow it to BE. 


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