Wisdom from Sabian



Everything is incredibly challenging for everyone right now. As you sit there starting to work and wanting to go into tasks that call for creativity, inspiration from that place from within. You noticed that there was an egoic part that wants things a bit more comfortable, believes it needs justabitmore… to feel comfortable before diving in. The energy is borderline fussy.

LOL.. Would have stepped completely over into fussy had you done any of the little things that had popped into your mind to do.  You didn’t.

(Sabian gives me a smile – no words, but sending the feeling of doing better at catching this)

You allowed enough space for you to notice (these spaces are helpful in breaking long-held habits) what was happening giving you choice and in that choice, you were not aware you called me in. You paused going inward, asking for clarification, truth, what was wanting in the moment.

This is not a fight with the ego or a time to ‘placate’ it with a little this or that. Treat it like you are heading off a child that wants one more glass of water before bed when you KNOW that child is fine with the first two cups. Gentle, kind but firm. Talk to the ego and body, remind them you are fine.

Everything is well, all will be alright, you are taken care of.


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2 thoughts on “Wisdom from Sabian

  1. So nice to just HEAR this today. Thank You. I had a dream last night of a very large Siamese sitting on my belly…..very much helping me to ‘stay’ here….in these challenging minutes, hours, days. Grateful for the warmth of her visit.


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