Converstations with Sabian




 Thank you for the feeling of your paws on the keyboard.
It helps, yes?
Oh yes, very much so.
Don’t get caught up on the other energies, the people in the house that are watching tv. I know it’s difficult, you will find the quiet that you need.
It is coming, and faster than you are aware.
There is a sense of armies/legions of assistance on its way.
Yes, this is true. Use this opportunity to practice presence.
It is a challenge with the energy of the those you are temporarily sharing space with. You have not had to muscle up like this before.  Use this time of challenge as an opportunity. You will find it is obvious the minute you loose center while having to swim in these new waters. A good opportunity to strengthen the practice of always being in your center, always present. 
There is a lot of low vibrational input from the area(s) around you right now. Yes?
Yes, more than I had imagined.
You’ve also watched as miracles have happened and seen how that (harsh energies) has ceased for a bit here and there.
You mean like the news on the tv that had been constantly playing since I arrived ceasing  because someone messed up the remote and didn’t figure it out for two days.
Exactly.  (Big knowing grin)
Work on allowing Source to hold to your boundaries, a time to pull up your strength and surrender into who you truly are on a moment to moment basis.  Each moment, allow time to stand still if you need.
At this time you need to be vigilant about the energies, but not uptight about it. Don’t’ go into contraction.
Focus on the many positive things with this recent change. You know, those things that you  bring a smile to your face. Pay attention. Watch when you find yourself smiling. 
LOL, like now. (Another huge grin) 
Thank you

Conversations with Sabian

Sabian was in a comic mood when this came through.  He was the one to start the conversation. I barely had my hands on the keyboard. I knew something was up when he started with the long echo hello like you hear from across a canyon.



Relax tiyr nubd and ket tiyr fubgers type ....may want to get your fingers on the right keys first.  ROFL now everyone will know that you type these with your eyes closed! (He thinks this is VERY funny.)


Made you smile.

That you did. (As a feel the corners of my mouth go up)

There you go. You gotta lighten up!
Allow yourself moments of laughter, of joy!

When it cools down go outside and spend some time with the trees.

Let me give you an insight. There is a part of you that desires to have doubts, to use as a distraction and a reason not to go forward. Drop that and Forge ahead!

(Showing memories of lying in the sand at the beach. Sitting under a tree in the mountains in spring. Lying in the grass in the fall and walking in the snow in winter.)

Why are you giving me memories of different outside experience from the different seasons?

Why does each of those memories standout?

Because they were moments I paused to take a breath and just allowed myself to be fully present in the joy of the moment and the joy of just Being.


Give yourself more of these.
Even though you are not outside you can give yourself one of them right now. Be fully present in this moment. In-joy of BE-ing the moment.

As I did this I found the joy well up from within.

You see, each moment can be special if you allow it to BE. 

Wisdom from Sabian



Everything is incredibly challenging for everyone right now. As you sit there starting to work and wanting to go into tasks that call for creativity, inspiration from that place from within. You noticed that there was an egoic part that wants things a bit more comfortable, believes it needs justabitmore… to feel comfortable before diving in. The energy is borderline fussy.

LOL.. Would have stepped completely over into fussy had you done any of the little things that had popped into your mind to do.  You didn’t.

(Sabian gives me a smile – no words, but sending the feeling of doing better at catching this)

You allowed enough space for you to notice (these spaces are helpful in breaking long-held habits) what was happening giving you choice and in that choice, you were not aware you called me in. You paused going inward, asking for clarification, truth, what was wanting in the moment.

This is not a fight with the ego or a time to ‘placate’ it with a little this or that. Treat it like you are heading off a child that wants one more glass of water before bed when you KNOW that child is fine with the first two cups. Gentle, kind but firm. Talk to the ego and body, remind them you are fine.

Everything is well, all will be alright, you are taken care of.


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Wisdom from Sabian

The temperature is really hot where I am right now, hitting triple digits during the day.  As I sat down to write this the body was feeling the heat and wanting to sleep.

sabian-windowYes, it is hot and it is hard when the body wants to shut down. You will learn to work around this, with the heat.  You also need to work around alone time too. Watch your energy.

Yes.. it just shifted. It went from centered to a swirl around the body.

It was an unconscious thought that pulled you out of center. You’ve asked to be shown when you get pulled out of your center without realizing it.  This is one of the ways to know. It takes practice to watch and be aware of your energy, what it is doing at every moment. Let go of any belief systems or fear that doing this is overwhelming or too much.

Let source hold you.

Pull your energy back to center, into your heart and breathe. Watch your breath. Let the fear in your body move, release.

Use the breath to help release the constricted areas where you feel this being held. Not just ankles, but it’s held in the nervous system too.

Give permission for the energy to completely release.

Now focus on your dreams, what you want to create, what kind of world you’d like to live in. What you’d like manifest.

(Thought of my recent new moon intentions)

Yes, your new moon intentions. Not specifics for this exercise, but the energy of those intentions. How they make you feel if already manifested, the place of already being ‘there’. Hold that intent as you move into a more meditative state.

Meditate and BE who you really are!