Conversations with Sabain

Apologies for being so long between blog posts. Unforeseen technical  difficulties as in no internet for days!


In writing words from Sabian the topic all of a sudden shifted to something personal and out
there… I became uncomfortable and Sabian’s words disappeared. At the time I was confused and this is where that part of the conversation starts.

Sabian? What miss-step did I take? The energy just evaporated… I know that means I was using energy in a direction it wasn’t meant to be used or shifted… what?

Yes. You were doing well, even though you were not physically editing (changing words I was typing) you had a parallel conversation going on, judging the writing. Would this be for public consumption? And hitting that place of ‘oh no’ too far out there ‘I cannot print this!’.
I stopped the transmission because you were beginning to let it (the parallel conversation) gather steam and I wanted to bring your attention to it.

That you did.

Also, watch out for abandonment. You started to go there when you couldn’t immediately re-connect with me. You know that it stopped because of the energy. Stay in your core, you hadn’t left it until you had that split second of feeling abandoned. So what! You felt abandoned, let it move through and hold onto the truth which you KNOW. You can only abandon yourself, which isn’t really true either. Part of you knows this but you won’t truly get it until the last of the abandonment is gone.

Thank you.  I love doing this. (Writing the blog)

Of course you do! You are meant to do this. this is what you are to be doing. When you are in the flow, with the energy that runs through you, it feels amazing!  

Sabian is showing me the a rope with us at each end.

Yes.. I’m pulling you through this… Like a lifeline, pulling you into your Self.

I’m here to help you just have to pick up the rope and not let go!


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