Conversations with Sabian

sabian-windowSitting down to write this a strong feeling of the unknown and that EVERYTHING was different.

Everything IS different. You know and feel this.

Again, relax and breathe.

It’s strange there is such a feeling of disconnect from everything and yet completely connected at the same time.

The disconnect is all the old ways of connecting have ceased to exist during this Equinox window. There is a little unsureness, unease running in your body from this.

When you try to connect with the old energetic pathways which are no longer present. The energy drops before it goes anywhere and it makes you feel like you are alone on an island. Even with other around and present.

Your old ways of knowing who or what you are in the world by using those energy lines for connection are gone.

Let them BE gone. 

Trust and Surrender into the divine.

Even that connection is different.

Yes, every way you have used for connecting has changed.

Focus on your heart and the love you have for the divine.

Trust and Surrender… Surrender and Trust

Be open to what is wonderful and use your new mantra, ‘How good could this get?’ with joyful anticipation. Think of when you were a child and that excited anticipation you had over presents on Christmas morning or your birthday. You had no idea what was coming, but you knew there would be something wonderfully unexpected, something you could not have imaged, and the excitement that brought. It is that energy you hold.

You hold that now, and when you cannot ‘feel’ it, know that it is there and intend for it. Knowing that some part of you does feel it, has it even if you cannot reach it in that moment intend from that place and trust.

Open to receive the magic that your life truly IS.

Thank you






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