Conversations with Sabian


Sabian, My eyes hurt, literally hurt. It’s morning, nothing that I can think of that would cause this.

Yes, can you feel the pressure?

Yes, like a pressure headache  but just inside the eye itself.

ALOT is leaving right now and your body is going through shifts and changes that you cannot even image.  No, don’t try to, It will be a waste of energy.

What you are feeling is an imbalance of both intraocular pressure and an imbalance of your CSF (Cerebro-spinal fluid). They are related only in that both are changing at the same time. One  imbalance is not creating an imbalance in the other. Two separate issues.

You’ve given me permission to work with your body and I am doing so now. 

(Sabian began to help move energy – like reiki)

You should be feeling a bit of release in the pressure.

Yes. It’s better easing up.


This will continue on and off through the equinox. Be easy, gentle with the eyes. As with the rest of the physical. Realize the bodies, especially the physical is working hard with shifting and changing. Give it TLC and treat it with honor and respect.

Thank you

You’re welcome. Much better when we work together. (Big cat smile)


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