Wisdom from Sabian


Rest. You are working yourself up.

Rest does not mean checking out. Rest means to relax the body and mind. Talk to your adrenals drink some Calm*. What I am telling you to do will feel counterproductive because you feel the need to push to get things done. There is a push but it’s not where you think it is.

(Started to think, this means trusting)

LOL… Trust. Yes, You need to Trust but your version seems to be Trust = things turning out the way you think they will turn out. What if they turn out diffrently but not what you imagined or better?

You believe that Trusting means x, y, z will be in place. Trusting means whatever is needed will be in place.

Fear that you don’t trust yourself, get over it. You cannot trust the little self that is trying to run the show.

You know all this walk it.
Trust the infinite within. Make the Choice. Let source show you the steps, take the steps.

* Calm is a calcium, magnesium supplement.




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