Conversations with Sabian



How are you feeling?

Okay, joints a bit stiff but overall better since starting to chew garlic.

I tried to get you to take garlic a few days ago.

Yes, you did. I remember.

Why didn’t you start then?

In the past, it’s been hard on the stomach and when you brought it to my attention my stomach was empty. I knew I couldn’t do it at that time, then I forgot.

Then what happened?

A day later I read about chewing garlic. That felt right, better than eating it, so I tried it.

You are wondering where this conversation is going, yes?


What are you seeing around this situation as you type this?

How I dismissed the original information as ‘this will not work’.

Yes, it felt valid at the time and it was and is true, but you let it go at that. It would have been better to say. I know garlic works, it’s too hard on the tummy. Is there another way or something else? Start the conversation.

Don’t dismiss, talk to me. I know it felt like there was nothing to say. You had already tried garlic in many ways. But there was. See?

Are you starting to get there is always another option? Always! Had you said something at the time I could have immediately redirected you. Even if it was to another alternative.

It’s not that I won’t give you the information that you need when you need it. This is to show you how you closed a door when you could have walked through.

You need to let go of these knee-jerk responses. They are incredibly limiting and there is so much more when you do. So many options and doorways. Don’t limit yourself!





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