Conversations with Sabian


Yes, I’m here.
It feels as if I have large paws on the keyboard, claws and all!
Hee hee he… Yep!
Want to make this FUN!
Okay! I’m up for fun! 
Look at how much has shifted over these last weeks.
I’m not the same person.
No you are not. Continue to reach for the stars and let the momentum accelerate what you are working on. You have a lot on your plate at the moment. Remember to take one step at a time.
There are times, like now, where I hear you and then it seems to be 5 voices at once and not sure which thread to follow.
(Laughing) Yes, you do.
Yes, as soon as I asked the question the answer was there.
Yes. Stop, go inward and hold our connection with sacredness intending non-interference. The other voices were unconscious parts of you that wanted to know about certain things. When that happened I stopped talking to you and this is where the confusion came in. This is to teach you.
You caught it immediately, but you didn’t recognize what you caught. This was a seeing exercise for you. Now you will know.
(Long pause…..Sabian wants me to write ‘long paws, which makes me smile)
Lighten up!!!
(Smiling) Anything else?
Hu huh!
Continuing from one step at a time.
You do not have to go into overwhelm. It’s best if you can divert yourself and focus on one step at a time, allowing the magic and grace to flow through each task. Remember to take a few moments, just moments, throughout the day and tell yourself, ‘well done!’ You have the tendency to slide right into the next task without giving yourself any praise. These short moments in time are important. Otherwise, and you know this, by the end of the day you feel tired, and like you haven’t done much.
You must start honoring what you do.
Again, this is important!
Thank you!
* It may not come across in the conversation, but Sabian was being very silly. He was doing his best  to make sure I was having fun from start to finish.

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