Conversations with Sabian

What is with this wanting to sleep right now.
It’s tired from internal fighting energies. You are saying you are refusing to run old, long held patterns and they are up fighting to run. This will continue until you completely process this. Yes ups and downs but it’s at the pressure cooker stage.
Yes, certain tasks were needed to be completed in this last hour,   BUT you could have held your awareness differently. This would have allowed the process to start to shift until you could put your whole focus into processing.
All it would have taken was to pause, which you did. Go inward and acknowledge what was there. You could not identify exactly what it was but to acknowledge the vibration, the feeling. Ask the Divine Mother to take it. Trusting and holding the gratitude that this was happening. This would have created the movement necessary so you would not be drained.
You understand, yes?

What I did was pause, went inward, acknowledged that something was going on then found myself immersed in the task. The body just started doing.
The body didn’t just start doing.
The pattern was up and it was running the mental/emotional bodies which told the physical it needed to move because the feelings you started to feel were uncomfortable.  A form of resistance. It happened so fast you didn’t see it. You could have had seen it had your focus and commitment in that moment been fully present. It would have only taken an extra moment or two and then the physical movement would have helped. 


You didn’t do anything wrong. This is to show you where the miss-step took place. How to do things differently next time.
I’m telling you what you already know, what you were taught, but bears repeating so the information sinks in even deeper. Until it becomes whole. Right now, as demonstrated you still hold this in a split. The intent, or commitment and the follow up, the action. You stopped before you could put your intent into action. You were taught this. You need to follow up with the action step.

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