Conversations with Sabian

sabian-windowLet go and relax.
Focus on the body and breathe.
Scan the body. Where are you still tight, feel heavy or stuck? Breathe into those parts.
Move out of your mind and into your heart.
I know you have a headache. This brings your focus, your energy into your head and your mind tries to take over.
Open the space around the headache.
Don’t contract around the pain, breathe and expand the area. Give it room, space to move.
Don’t worry if it gets a bit more intense at first. This is normal. You are allowing yourself to feel it. This is good. A first step.
Check your nitrates. You eat well but it feels like there is something that has nitrates in it that you are not aware of.
There…. good.  (I had created space around the headache)
Can you feel the difference? The pain is still there, moving but the sharp edge is off.
The times are a bit tricky right now. Pay attention to the signals the body is giving you. Don’t gloss over these.
They are there to help you, show you what is out of balance.
(Being given an image of a cat climbing a tree. This feels strange and out of context)
Cat climbs up in a tree?
Why are you showing me this? What does it mean?

Kitty version of reaching for the stars. (Big cat smile)
We don’t think about how we just do.
Do you remember how we (felines) get our momentum going before a climb? Getting a running start so the climb is easy and FUN. This is what you are attempting to do.
I bit rocky, but you are starting to get there…. So do not stop!
Keep working on the momentum.
This applies to all areas of your life, but you can look at it in two basic categories. The inner energetic shifts and the outer to do’s. They work in tandem.
Use the shifts in one area to help create the momentum for shifts in the other.
Gives me an image of someone peddling a bicycle.
Yes like peddling a bike. Pushing down on one side creates momentum for the other side and vise versa.
Take a few minutes and let all this sink in.
LOL… yes. Writing and posting these is part of creating the momentum for you.
(He is giving me a Cheshire grin. )
I can be funny too. Hee he he

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