Conversations with Sabain

Apologies for being so long between blog posts. Unforeseen technical  difficulties as in no internet for days!


In writing words from Sabian the topic all of a sudden shifted to something personal and out
there… I became uncomfortable and Sabian’s words disappeared. At the time I was confused and this is where that part of the conversation starts.

Sabian? What miss-step did I take? The energy just evaporated… I know that means I was using energy in a direction it wasn’t meant to be used or shifted… what?

Yes. You were doing well, even though you were not physically editing (changing words I was typing) you had a parallel conversation going on, judging the writing. Would this be for public consumption? And hitting that place of ‘oh no’ too far out there ‘I cannot print this!’.
I stopped the transmission because you were beginning to let it (the parallel conversation) gather steam and I wanted to bring your attention to it.

That you did.

Also, watch out for abandonment. You started to go there when you couldn’t immediately re-connect with me. You know that it stopped because of the energy. Stay in your core, you hadn’t left it until you had that split second of feeling abandoned. So what! You felt abandoned, let it move through and hold onto the truth which you KNOW. You can only abandon yourself, which isn’t really true either. Part of you knows this but you won’t truly get it until the last of the abandonment is gone.

Thank you.  I love doing this. (Writing the blog)

Of course you do! You are meant to do this. this is what you are to be doing. When you are in the flow, with the energy that runs through you, it feels amazing!  

Sabian is showing me the a rope with us at each end.

Yes.. I’m pulling you through this… Like a lifeline, pulling you into your Self.

I’m here to help you just have to pick up the rope and not let go!


Conversations with Sabian

sabian-windowSitting down to write this a strong feeling of the unknown and that EVERYTHING was different.

Everything IS different. You know and feel this.

Again, relax and breathe.

It’s strange there is such a feeling of disconnect from everything and yet completely connected at the same time.

The disconnect is all the old ways of connecting have ceased to exist during this Equinox window. There is a little unsureness, unease running in your body from this.

When you try to connect with the old energetic pathways which are no longer present. The energy drops before it goes anywhere and it makes you feel like you are alone on an island. Even with other around and present.

Your old ways of knowing who or what you are in the world by using those energy lines for connection are gone.

Let them BE gone. 

Trust and Surrender into the divine.

Even that connection is different.

Yes, every way you have used for connecting has changed.

Focus on your heart and the love you have for the divine.

Trust and Surrender… Surrender and Trust

Be open to what is wonderful and use your new mantra, ‘How good could this get?’ with joyful anticipation. Think of when you were a child and that excited anticipation you had over presents on Christmas morning or your birthday. You had no idea what was coming, but you knew there would be something wonderfully unexpected, something you could not have imaged, and the excitement that brought. It is that energy you hold.

You hold that now, and when you cannot ‘feel’ it, know that it is there and intend for it. Knowing that some part of you does feel it, has it even if you cannot reach it in that moment intend from that place and trust.

Open to receive the magic that your life truly IS.

Thank you





Conversations with Sabian


Sabian, My eyes hurt, literally hurt. It’s morning, nothing that I can think of that would cause this.

Yes, can you feel the pressure?

Yes, like a pressure headache  but just inside the eye itself.

ALOT is leaving right now and your body is going through shifts and changes that you cannot even image.  No, don’t try to, It will be a waste of energy.

What you are feeling is an imbalance of both intraocular pressure and an imbalance of your CSF (Cerebro-spinal fluid). They are related only in that both are changing at the same time. One  imbalance is not creating an imbalance in the other. Two separate issues.

You’ve given me permission to work with your body and I am doing so now. 

(Sabian began to help move energy – like reiki)

You should be feeling a bit of release in the pressure.

Yes. It’s better easing up.


This will continue on and off through the equinox. Be easy, gentle with the eyes. As with the rest of the physical. Realize the bodies, especially the physical is working hard with shifting and changing. Give it TLC and treat it with honor and respect.

Thank you

You’re welcome. Much better when we work together. (Big cat smile)

Wisdom from Sabian


Rest. You are working yourself up.

Rest does not mean checking out. Rest means to relax the body and mind. Talk to your adrenals drink some Calm*. What I am telling you to do will feel counterproductive because you feel the need to push to get things done. There is a push but it’s not where you think it is.

(Started to think, this means trusting)

LOL… Trust. Yes, You need to Trust but your version seems to be Trust = things turning out the way you think they will turn out. What if they turn out diffrently but not what you imagined or better?

You believe that Trusting means x, y, z will be in place. Trusting means whatever is needed will be in place.

Fear that you don’t trust yourself, get over it. You cannot trust the little self that is trying to run the show.

You know all this walk it.
Trust the infinite within. Make the Choice. Let source show you the steps, take the steps.

* Calm is a calcium, magnesium supplement.



Conversations with Sabian



How are you feeling?

Okay, joints a bit stiff but overall better since starting to chew garlic.

I tried to get you to take garlic a few days ago.

Yes, you did. I remember.

Why didn’t you start then?

In the past, it’s been hard on the stomach and when you brought it to my attention my stomach was empty. I knew I couldn’t do it at that time, then I forgot.

Then what happened?

A day later I read about chewing garlic. That felt right, better than eating it, so I tried it.

You are wondering where this conversation is going, yes?


What are you seeing around this situation as you type this?

How I dismissed the original information as ‘this will not work’.

Yes, it felt valid at the time and it was and is true, but you let it go at that. It would have been better to say. I know garlic works, it’s too hard on the tummy. Is there another way or something else? Start the conversation.

Don’t dismiss, talk to me. I know it felt like there was nothing to say. You had already tried garlic in many ways. But there was. See?

Are you starting to get there is always another option? Always! Had you said something at the time I could have immediately redirected you. Even if it was to another alternative.

It’s not that I won’t give you the information that you need when you need it. This is to show you how you closed a door when you could have walked through.

You need to let go of these knee-jerk responses. They are incredibly limiting and there is so much more when you do. So many options and doorways. Don’t limit yourself!




Conversations with Sabian


Yes, I’m here.
It feels as if I have large paws on the keyboard, claws and all!
Hee hee he… Yep!
Want to make this FUN!
Okay! I’m up for fun! 
Look at how much has shifted over these last weeks.
I’m not the same person.
No you are not. Continue to reach for the stars and let the momentum accelerate what you are working on. You have a lot on your plate at the moment. Remember to take one step at a time.
There are times, like now, where I hear you and then it seems to be 5 voices at once and not sure which thread to follow.
(Laughing) Yes, you do.
Yes, as soon as I asked the question the answer was there.
Yes. Stop, go inward and hold our connection with sacredness intending non-interference. The other voices were unconscious parts of you that wanted to know about certain things. When that happened I stopped talking to you and this is where the confusion came in. This is to teach you.
You caught it immediately, but you didn’t recognize what you caught. This was a seeing exercise for you. Now you will know.
(Long pause…..Sabian wants me to write ‘long paws, which makes me smile)
Lighten up!!!
(Smiling) Anything else?
Hu huh!
Continuing from one step at a time.
You do not have to go into overwhelm. It’s best if you can divert yourself and focus on one step at a time, allowing the magic and grace to flow through each task. Remember to take a few moments, just moments, throughout the day and tell yourself, ‘well done!’ You have the tendency to slide right into the next task without giving yourself any praise. These short moments in time are important. Otherwise, and you know this, by the end of the day you feel tired, and like you haven’t done much.
You must start honoring what you do.
Again, this is important!
Thank you!
* It may not come across in the conversation, but Sabian was being very silly. He was doing his best  to make sure I was having fun from start to finish.

Conversations with Sabian

What is with this wanting to sleep right now.
It’s tired from internal fighting energies. You are saying you are refusing to run old, long held patterns and they are up fighting to run. This will continue until you completely process this. Yes ups and downs but it’s at the pressure cooker stage.
Yes, certain tasks were needed to be completed in this last hour,   BUT you could have held your awareness differently. This would have allowed the process to start to shift until you could put your whole focus into processing.
All it would have taken was to pause, which you did. Go inward and acknowledge what was there. You could not identify exactly what it was but to acknowledge the vibration, the feeling. Ask the Divine Mother to take it. Trusting and holding the gratitude that this was happening. This would have created the movement necessary so you would not be drained.
You understand, yes?

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Conversations with Sabian

sabian-windowLet go and relax.
Focus on the body and breathe.
Scan the body. Where are you still tight, feel heavy or stuck? Breathe into those parts.
Move out of your mind and into your heart.
I know you have a headache. This brings your focus, your energy into your head and your mind tries to take over.
Open the space around the headache.
Don’t contract around the pain, breathe and expand the area. Give it room, space to move.
Don’t worry if it gets a bit more intense at first. This is normal. You are allowing yourself to feel it. This is good. A first step.
Check your nitrates. You eat well but it feels like there is something that has nitrates in it that you are not aware of.
There…. good.  (I had created space around the headache)
Can you feel the difference? The pain is still there, moving but the sharp edge is off.
The times are a bit tricky right now. Pay attention to the signals the body is giving you. Don’t gloss over these.
They are there to help you, show you what is out of balance.
(Being given an image of a cat climbing a tree. This feels strange and out of context)
Cat climbs up in a tree?
Why are you showing me this? What does it mean?

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