Wisdom from Sabian


Sabian I need something for the blog
What would you like to say?


(Laughing)  That’s a first.

That’s because I am usually talking to you.
Tonight I’d like to talk to everyone else.


There is much angst at the moment and many are allowing their hearts to shut down. It happens without most of them realizing it.
No matter what you are going through to find moments throughout the day to feel grateful. Find something, anything to be grateful for. It doesn’t matter. It’s the feeling that is important. If you are having a difficult time start with something you know you can feel grateful for, use that to start. Once you feel it with one thing it is easier to feel it with something else. You’ve opened up the path for more gratitude.
Moving into gratitude opens the heart.
Many of you out there know this. Are you practicing it?
A loving reminder to do so.
I am grateful for all of you.


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