Sabian and 35 Cats


Sabian 2004

Why did it take 35 cats to replace the work you did?

It was about the amount of energy and light that I have and could move. Along with the knowledge and wisdom that I carry. Each of the other kitties had a piece of  knowledge and wisdom. It took 35 other beings to hold and work with that amount of energy and knowledge that I contain and was working with.  Each kitty had a quality, gift and talent, that I hold. This made it easier for you to see and recognize. Kryia the independent adventurer. Kuma with no fear, leaping to new heights or reaching for the stars. Sweet, compassionate love from Fern who could do no harm. Lyra with the ability to adapt to her surroundings.

All cats are good at moving energy and clearing negativity. I continued to guide and support the 35  while they were with you and of course Muu with his apprenticeship. 

My commitment to you, to bring those qualities into your life to teach, help and guide you.


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