Muu’s Story


Muu 2008-2015

Thirty-five cats. I couldn’t believe I had thirty-five cats.  But that’s another story.

On this day I was faced with finding homes for them. Most were kittens, that would be easy I had done it before. I needed to move in a few months and it was time for most of the cats to move to find new homes. I had felt that Fern, one of the original cats, and possibly one other would make the move with me. Sabian, would have come had he still been in a body.

Laying on the couch downstairs I could hear the kittens playing at the top of the stairs. They were still quite small and had just ventured outside the bedroom days before. One of the new favorite places was to sit at the top of the stairs where they could look out over the tops of the redwoods. The feeling of being quite high up but with the safety of a solid floor. The kittens were too small to go down the stairs, let alone climb back up. Occasionally one would try and climb down, fall actually, one or two of the steps then one of the mama cats would come and rescue. It only took a few of these and the rest decided it was better to stay at the top. Stair agility would come a few weeks later when they were bigger.

Kitten noises shifted, they were going back into the bedroom. I closed my eyes to contemplate the options of new homes for the cats and kittens. Wondering how this was all going to sort itself out.

I dozed off.

I was journeying. This one was very different and very vivid from the journeys I had in the past. I could feel I was being taken somewhere. I was not alone.

I found myself flying over a planet filled with pyramids. Their color a shiny silver but with the qualities of gold. As I flew over I was curious about some being so close together. They all looked the same, but I was aware that each pyramid/temple had its own specific function. If my focus stayed on a particular pyramid for any length of time I would be able to see inside.

One moment I was flying and the next I was inside one of these pyramids. It was a healing temple. A stone table in the center of the room. There were smaller rooms with tables off the main room, each used for specialized healing. I didn’t understand much of what was going on, other than I was being offered a gift.

My time and work there complete I began to open my eyes. Wow, what had just happened? As I came fully back into my body lying on the couch. Feeling totally rested and at peace. I felt something on the pillow at the top of my head. I reached up and touched a warm furry body. This tiny kitten had somehow made it down the stairs and climbed his way up onto the couch. It was the black and white kitten affectionately nicknamed ‘Moo’ due to his coloring, similar to a cow. I gently scooped up the sleeping kitten as I slowly sat up.

The dots immediately connected. This little (little only in cat body size) being was the one that took me on this journey. I had felt guided, led by something unseen, being held and supported the entire time.

Version 2

Muu as a kitten on moving day

Sabian filled in the blanks. Muu was one of my guides in training and had come into a body to help. Sabian, a master cat was training him.

Given this information I knew that this was the cat going forward with me. Muu liked the sound of his nickname but wanted the spelling changed. From that day he went from Moo to Muu.


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