Wisdom from Sabian

sabian-windowBe at peace.

Sit in that stillness for a moment before we begin.


You know everything is about to change and everything feels uncertain.

This is bringing up fear. Fear in the body. It’s more subtle now, but not less intense.

Finding peace with uncertainty. Meaning finding the peace within. Holding that peace in the face of uncertainty.

It can be done when you can embrace uncertainty.

When you recognize uncertainty is a place where there are unlimited options and possibilities

So uncertainty is a place that you will continue to encounter.

Recognize this and know that what is certain is You. The divinity within. Uncertainty is the landscape of unlimited possibilities, but not the possibilities your ego wants to grasp at for comfort. It’s breaking you out of those habits and routines and forcing you to go within.

That connection to source the infinite is what IS certain always. It cannot not be, even when you all you feel is disconnected.


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