Wisdom from Sabian


You didn’t think you would get to this part. This feeling of peace until certain tasks were accomplished. 


Don’t focus on the vulnerability you are feeling. This is normal. For this moment don’t think about posting. Just allow what I have to share to come through. 



 You are starting to get it. You are both further along then you know and just beginning to see how much further you have. Which really you have no idea. No, don’t judge yourself. As you open and expand the comprehension will be there. 

LOL… I hear your thoughts. You’re thinking ‘Will I ever talk about something else?’ 

Uncomfortable are we. (Big cat smile)

Who said I would? (Talk about other things)

You assumed it would be about all kinds of things because you knew I had a lot to say. Your mind got in the way and told you all kinds of stories. 


I know this is making you uncomfortable, it’s meant to. Let it…. Let this shake things loose so they can move and leave. You don’t need that stuff anymore. 

Interesting.. Only a few words here yet the feeling for me is enormous.

Different worlds. This will resonate with some and not with others. It’s a very specific place you are in and it was the energy that moved that gave the feeling of enormity.


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