Conversations with Sabian

sabian-windowI usually start by saying ‘Sabian’. This calls him in, lets him know I’m ready. Today he jumps right in as soon as my fingers touch the keyboard. I can barely keep up.

You’re scared that you are not doing this accurately anymore correct?



I’m different and wonder if this is of interest to anyone.

Does it matter?

It’s another exercise in trust. Putting it out there no matter how silly it sounds.

Yes, and?

What matters is … Oh crap!… I’m comparing to other writers. No more. This isn’t about any of that.

So, shall we move on?

You’re in a huge transition. Give yourself some room. There is a learning curve to this and it’s not always going to be an upward trajectory.

You’ll have good and bad days with this (Judging this is your opinion) Where you feel it is more readable and not. The truth is you don’t know what the person needs or gets from the writing.

Maybe nothing, a smile, a laugh or could touch them deeply. All could be true for different beings on the same article. You don’t know.

You made a commitment to write.

That is all you have to do. Besides editing for spelling, etc. But then again, (he’s laughing) — I’m not doing the typing.

From my perspective, it is not good and bad days with this it’s how open you are or not. When you are not very open the words will not be given, you know this, you feel it. You know when to sit down and write and you know that when you are open there is tremendous joy that comes through. It comes through us both. As it is right now.


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