Conversations with Sabian


You’re feeling dizzy and would like some information.

Ha! Not where we are going.

You know what it is, let it move.
Stay hydrated and keep up with the removal, the letting go of the egoic structures. The layers are coming fast a furious right now.

Do I need any supplements?

You’ll want the Calm (A calcium, magnesium supplement) in a bit, not right now. Right now it’s water and electrolytes.
Yes, you’ve already had a lot of water… you need more.
The body wants to flush the toxins. Once that is done drink the Calm.

Yes, You can see the fog is lifting (mind has felt foggy) and you are seeing all the stuff that is up in the area. All the to do’s etc.

(I had a visual of mental photographs representing everything that needs to be done. Each task with its own photo.)

Don’t focus on the swirling images of these.
Hand them over to the infinite and allow… ALLOW the sorting.
As they settle down things will become more clear.

They are swirling in part because a part of you is trying to snatch at the next thing. This is where you are not allowing.

Thank you!

Good! You are starting to trust this! (Referring to what is coming through)

Yes… take a few minutes to rest. Not long but more than five. You’ll know when your time is up.

Yes. I’ll tap you on the shoulder. (Sabian is laughing) Kitty fashion to let you know when to switch gears. (Teasingly he shows me claws)
Yes. Give that fear (Of not able to switch gears quickly and getting stuck in resting mode) over to Kali.

(More kitty grins)

Yes, you DO love this and you will be doing more.


(Letting the energy move through me to type this was making me feel better and didn’t want to stop. Began to procrastinate.)

Yes… holding onto this because it is filling you up, it opens your heart, but grasping is an egoic pattern. This won’t work if you are coming from a place of ego.

Let go and Trust.


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