Muu and the Chipmunk


What is going on with Muu? He is acting strangely. Laying in the middle of the yard quietly for a while now, but not in pounce mode, not playing, just sitting there. I go outside to investigate this odd behavior of his.

As I approach he ignores me to focus on something next to him. I look down and hidden in the little tufts of grass is a chipmunk. Muu watches as the chipmunk investigates the area around him. Not straying but a few feet away from the cat. This went on for a few minutes. Muu laying there hardly moving and the chipmunk doing his investigation. The chipmunk pausing now and then, to gaze at each other.


After a few minutes they would almost play. Muu gently extending his paw the chipmunk coming up to it. The dynamic between them shifted again. Muu seeing that the chipmunk wanted to get closer to him, but was a bit hesitant rolled over on his back exposing his tummy, inviting the chipmunk closer.

Taking advantage of this submissive pose the chipmunk approached. Muu held himself still as the chipmunk came so close that had either moved, they would have been touching.

I watched in amazement as these two beings took their time to get to know one another. No agenda, a peaceful exchange, a beautiful coexistence.

chipmunkmuuRolling over and sitting back up the little friendship exchange seemed to be coming to an end. The chipmunk leaving to go climb a nearby tree. Muu acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred slowly got up and sauntered away.


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