Conversations with Sabian


Let me guide these sessions. Why are you wondering what others will think? Getting embarrassed? 

Good. Drop it.

I am happy to give the words. Words, for you to type. Sometimes it will be wisdom, guidance or just plain funny stuff.

You don’t need to do anything, relax and be. You know how you really do.

The wind is calling to you. I know it is hot, but you need to go outside for a whileThe wind will blow things out for you. Shade, yes, you will need shade.

There is a bit here.
(Shows me where to go on the property. This time of day there really isn’t any shade here.)

Okay…. Now?

Yes, now. Then come back for more words.

(10 minutes later)

What did you notice when you went outside.

How blistering hot it is in the sun, a new place in the shade to sit and the wind had died down. It was still.

What did you do?

I sat taking it all in and enjoying the surroundings. Wondering what had happened to the wind. It was gusting just before stepping outside.
After a couple of minutes, the wind started to pick up.
I stood and let it wash through me.

But you didn’t look at the energy.

No… I was just being. Staying in the same state as typing this.

Yes, good. And you also need to assess the energy around you. It was quiet, no one around. You didn’t think you needed to check the energy, but you do. You ALWAYS do.

Start to. Know what you are swimming in. What is your own energy doing and what is going on around you when you step out the door. Even here, what are you swimming in? Just like you notice the temperature difference between inside and outside The differences between what it is like as you move into the shade, or walk around the side of the building. You could easily describe the subtle difference in temperature from one area to the next. You need to be able to do this with energy.

Seems like a lot right now, but it will become second nature with a little practice. 

I’ll help with discerning what the energies are.


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