Conversations with Sabian

sabian-windowHave you noticed how your perception is opening up a bit more.
Relax and allow the images to move through in their own timing. For a while it will be like a kaleidoscope. Some pausing to focus some flitting through quickly.

Be aware of what you are feeling as they move through. Watch how you feel about their color and texture.
Some will be memories of long ago. Things once were forgotten.
Observe and allow them to move.
Yes, like you do in meditation.

Remember to write my words more than once a day. You have some catching up to do. You know it will be easier the more you practice.
Those kitten images you saw earlier were from me.

(An hour earlier, I had a little vignette of 3 kittens playing.)

It was to give you a sense of fun and joy. A reminder of lightheartedness.

What else?

Have you time for a cup of tea?


Have you time for a cup of tea?

It’s a bit warm out, but yes, there is time.

Are you asking for me to fix a cup of tea?

Duh! (Accompanied by eye rolling)

LOL okay… this seems strange.


Okay… (Off to put the kettle on. Sabian smiles. Not sure I want a cup of tea but will see what this brings.)

(A few minutes later…)

Okay Sabian, I have a cup of tea.

What kind

Green. Why?

What did you notice?…… You didn’t.

You went about it in the same way, by habit and letting your mind wonder about why I was having you fix the tea. 

The way you are holding your energy right now as you type is how you need to practice holding it as you move about. It wasn’t about fixing tea. That was just a simple, short task that would make my point. 

Besides, it made us both laugh.


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