Wisdom from Sabian


Keep practicing the exercise I last gave you, along with the others.
You need to be ready.
Don’t stress, all is well, all will be well.
One step at a time.
Process judgment. Self-judgment and how you let others judge you.

Inwardly I was saying to myself, I will always be judged. It’s the planet we live on. Sabian responded.

They will judge you. That is not what I mean. I’m talking about the energy opening that allows those projected judgements into your field and into the body.
Yes, it’s the self-judgment that is the opening. When you can stop judging yourself the judgments of others won’t affect you like they do now.
He is showing me how to wear a kitty fur coat. How to have a thicker skin. So the projected judgements just brush by.

Keep practicing the exercises, keep writing and keep trusting.


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