Wisdom from Sabian


Time for quiet reflection. Listen with your inner ears. LOL, Do not listen to the outside, far away… inside. Listen to yourself, your inner voice. 

How many parts are speaking to you? What is your body telling you?

The body the physical body is sharing, The mental is offline. This is fine for now. 

You will need to go deeply inward yet, stay in the body. 


Let’s start with the inner judge, since that was what popped up when I asked if you were ready. You resist because you don’t want to put this in writing, put it out there. You trust me, but not yourself. What about just Trust. Let go enough to get my words down .

(Had to tell myself I wouldn’t post in order to write)

No. Don’t decide that from a mental place that will never work. Feel into it and see if this writing wanting to be shared. But not from the mental place, that will judge. 

Breathe, open the heart.

Let go.

Use your breath to help the release.

Feel the wall around the heart? 

(Felt my heart encased in a thin, hard shell)

Ah, you saw it! Good. An opening to another person. Coming in thru the navel and attaching to the heart. What you felt, the encasement, was a defense not needed. 

Good – Let it go, let it dissolve, close the opening.

Now listen again. Send energy to those places in the body that feel tight, heavy or stuck.

Do you see how you ignored the brain? Let go of the separation between the brain and the body. When the word physical body comes up it includes the brain. Do not exclude it.

Okay- Now focus in on the center of your head. Do that for a few minutes, then connect with the heart.
Once the connection is made stay with it until it stabilizes.

Today you get homework. Focus on your inward hearing. Lol, it will help you with your outward hearing. Right now your outer hearing is overly vigilant. This is creating a subtle and sometimes not so subtle overwhelm. You do not notice this, then you shut all hearing down. Including your intuition. Your hearing needs to stay open.

Change the inner first.


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