Fairy Houses


Yesterday I was reminded by a friend about something that had been completely forgotten. A short little story about something from a my cat’s point of view.

We had just moved into our house in the mountains which had been vacant for a good five months prior to our taking up residency. The rental agency had cleaned things up, but the animals had reclaimed the outside space.

This house had an attached garage with an automatic door. Yay! What a difference from the previous years. Making good use of this gift the front door was rarely used. Until one day when the first UPS package arrived. Stepping onto the covered porch to retrieve the parcel I spotted a few wasps flying around. Looking up, sure enough the underside of the roof were many nests. I lost count of these honeycomb structures when it got into the double digits.

Muu was not too happy when I began to remove them. He had been actively staking his territory, but had a problem with the eradication of the nests. Until I understood his point of view. For him, he thought they were fairy houses.

Though I can say if you don’t want anyone to come visit having live wasps nests at your front door will to the trick.


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