Visiting Peacock


One day I heard this very unusual animal sound. I had gotten used to the sound of many wild animals, but this was different, very different. The volume was loud, it carried for miles and sounded like it belonged in a tropical jungle. At the time I was living in the mountains outside of town. Other then the row of houses on my street we were pretty much surrounded by miles of open space.

I’d hear this sound a few times a day, each time seeming to get closer and closer. The volume getting louder and louder. Very strange and out of place this tropical sound where temps dropped below freezing in the winter.

My curiosity became stronger as the sounds got closer and hoping at some point I would recognize exactly what the sound was. I knew I had heard this call before and unable to place it. Three day’s later the sound arrived in my backyard. I stared in amazement as a peacock took a short flight over the fence and into the yard. He only stayed for a few minutes the first time, then was back a few hours later taking his time exploring.

Muu my cat was curious too, as he watched from the french doors while the peacock wandered around the yard. Normally territorial Muu sat calmly giving the peacock space to roam. After awhile the peacock noticed Muu and slowly approached the house. He seemed tentative not frightened as he came up to the glass. Beak to nose they greeted each other. For a few minutes they silently communicated with each other.


He was a bit worn from his travels. Most of his eye feathers were gone and many of the other feathers torn or broken. I imagine these were from his journey through the forest.

Over the next few weeks the peacock came to call the backyard his home. Spending his nights in the forest trees and visited us during the day.

I fed him cat food and he’d preen himself, leaving me feathers.

He and Muu became friends. Each sharing the yard with peaceful respect between them.


After about five weeks the visits abruptly stopped. I was sad to see this beautiful creature leave and grateful for the time he graced our yard.


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