Wisdom from Sabian


Don’t force it. Relax

(Asking if I need to start a routine before writing Sabians words)

Not a routine. Nothing fixed. I am working with you so you can just open and let the information come through. You can take a moment to breathe, relax, center and open. But no standard routine. 

Trust will be a topic that I will be speaking to a lot while you are going through learning to trust. Each time you think you have an idea of it… there is more, yes? There is so much more and in ways it will be easier. Another muscle you are developing.

(Laughing) Yes, you’ve done a lot of trusting but not like this. Not where Everything about you is being asked to change. Feel the fear that just came up in the physical body? Let it move into the heart. – Good.

Spend a bit more time over the next few days really listening to what is going on inwardly. There is a lot of outward movement being asked of you right now, but you cannot let the inward focus slack AT ALL. This is important. You understand a portion of it, but you are not taking in the full enormity of what is going on right now.

Trust and Surrender… Surrender and Trust.

You can ask for help with this. No more hiding. No more hiding from your Self. 

Be kind and gentle with yourself and tell the mind to Shut up! It’s tripping you up. Disengage and center in your heart.


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