Muu Invited the Deer for Afternoon Tea


It was the first year of living in the mountains. There were miles of open space behind the house and Muu, my cat was thrilled at the new playground he had. So much better than the last place.

One afternoon I watched him come through the back fence into the yard. Every ten feet or so he’d turn and look back behind him. This wasn’t typical at all. What was he looking at? What was he waiting for? I was about to turn away when I saw three deer leap over the fence. Two females and a fawn. Muu continued to escort them to the green grass and seemed quite pleased with himself. He moved off to the side and observed as they began to make a dent in the copious amounts of dandelions that were threatening to take over the grass.

The deer stayed and grazed for a long time, not minding that there was a feline a few yards away. Muu had grown up with local deer and had played with them as a kitten. He would pretend to stalk them as they grazed, honing his stealthy hunting skills and they would ignore him.

He knew they liked grass and dandelion greens, not to mention roses, which luckily were not on the menu that day. It was dry that year, plenty of leaves for them to eat, but very little in the way of grass. Muu wanted to share his yard with them. He was older and wiser and no longer tried to pretend to stalk the deer. He had made friends this day. These three along with some other deer soon became regular customers at our dandelion cafe.


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