Visiting Cat


Cats know my love for them. This calico was no exception. She had a lovely home, was fed and taken care of. She also knew that I too would watch over her.

She liked to be held, stroked and cuddled. After picking her up the first time I realized something needed to be done. I was wearing as much fur as she was. An old comb was found to brush her. A very vocal cat, she got this from the surrounding humans. They seemed to talk a lot to get their needs met so she she needed to do this too. Unfortunately, she liked to do this when others in the house were still asleep.

This kitty would show up now and then wanting some attention, to be combed and petted. Not unusual in the least. One evening she showed up with ticks and you could tell she wasn’t feeling very well. She wanted help but didn’t know what she needed. I removed the ticks and rubbed her down with a little food grade diatomaeous earth to help keep the bugs off. Then gave her a pinch of it in some milk to kill any of the parasites the ticks or mosquitos may have given her.

The next morning she showed up at the crack of dawn wanting more of the treatment. Again, I rubbed her down with the food grade diatomaeous earth, then gave some to her in a little milk repeating the process.

This went on over the next few days until she felt better, after which the visits dwindled to the occasional. Next time she needed the treatment she’d show up before sunrise vocally requesting assistance. Usually for two or three days in a row. She knew what she needed and had no problem asking for it!


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