Conversations with Sabian


What happened?

Nothing happened. This is part of the process you are going through. You need to stop judging yourself and stop taking on others projections. 

Accurate or not you believe others thoughts to be your truth. This is not so. That is the dissonance you’ve been feeling. 

Step back and get some perspective. Step out of their thought forms and look at you as I see you. What do you see?

You would ask me this.

Why do you resist?
What are you afraid of?
Don’t edit. What are you afraid of? 

That their version of truth is more true than mine. Okay.. This is funny when I write it out. Their truth could never be mine. Only my own divine truth can.

Yes, this is true and because you brought it into the light. You illuminated what was in a bit of darkness.

Take a moment and feel what all this means. The hurt and pain of believing someone else’s truth more than your own. The self betrayal. 

Move into your heart, breathe and let it move.

Didn’t think this is where we were going when you started to write did you? 

Sabian snickers, pleased with himself. LOL.. He says he doesn’t snicker.


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