Kuma at about 5 weeks old


Kuma at about 5 weeks old

Kuma, a sweet and very adventurous kitten. He was black with white tie and socks. His body long and lean. We were living in a beautiful home with vaulted ceiling, two stories high. The supporting cross beams at 10 feet, were left in their natural wood state.

We had a few kittens and though they all got along, Kuma spent most of his time on his on exploring and finding his own way. There was one moment he was especially proud of. The time he startled me out of my seat.

I was sitting reading when a movement above me caught my attention. I glanced up and was shocked to see Kuma pacing back and forth on one of the support beams. How in the world did he get up there? He was small, still a kitten at 3–4 months old, but the beam wasn’t very wide either. A bit nervous at the situation. It would be quite a fall if he slipped. Ten feet down to a hardwood floor would not be pretty.

He continued to gently pace back and forth, pleased with his accomplishment and the view from up high. I asked him how he got up there, to show me if he could. I had an idea of how. The only way really, but that path looked close to impossible. Much more probable than him levitating to that height. He showed me how jumping 3 feet across and down to the top of the upper kitchen cabinets. Another jump down to the top of the counter and then to the floor.

I gave him the praise he deserved for such a feat. I never did see him leap his way up to the beam, but I found him sitting there often.


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