Wisdom from Sabian



I’ve been waiting. 

You are ready for the next level of the teaching. The instruction of how to write the (my) words. We started out with baby steps. These will continue, but you are ready to move forward.

(Sabian is laughing) Breathe.

I hear “Don’t get scared now” (from the movie Home Alone)

It’s okay. The body needs to make some adjustments. Let me help with that. You have some major fear that comes from some past lives of doing this. It’s one of the reasons you have a hard time thinking. The freeze, panic reaction you get for what seems like no reason, also originates in part from this place. 

Take it in. Let it sink all the way into the body, the remembering and the letting go.

If you start to search forward with your mind trying to ‘see’ what words I’m going to give you, you will miss it. You must stay in the present for the words to come through. When you notice your mind trying to look forward for the words, stop, come back to here and now and you will see the flow. This is part of the teaching that you are learning.

Remember, baby steps….. For now. (Sabian is showing me a huge grin)


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