Followed by Trees

Forest pattern

Carpathians, Ukraine

It’s hard to define the beginning, this beginning with trees. It feels ancient and longer then I’ve been alive in this body. I’ve always loved them. As a very young child, I remember when I had enough language to articulate, if only to myself, that trees felt more like family to me than my parents or sibling. I couldn’t explain it, it was just something that was always known.

I was surprised as I got older discovering most didn’t have this connection with trees. One friend did. We spent many hours hiking through old growth forests. There was a turning point in my perception with a simple phrase she said while on a hike. I had made a comment about how wonderful it was to observe the trees.

Her response, ‘ And they are observing you.’

With my connection to the trees how did this not occur to me? The awareness that the trees could be watching us set in motion my conversation with trees.

A few years ago, the house I was living in had a beautiful old black oak tree that stood just outside my bedroom. I spent hours gazing and meditating with it from my room and from laying under its branches. One day I lost track of time as I sat in meditation and contemplation with the tree. I couldn’t tell you exactly, but an exchange was occurring between us. I was receiving a download of some kind through the tree. As I glanced at the clock and saw that I had to leave to go up the mountain. I had started a project and the energy pull to go and work on it was unmistakable. I knew I needed to leave, but I was still in the middle of this download. I felt the tree telling me that it was okay. That it was alright to leave. A bit confused, I couldn’t see how it was alright to leave the connection from this tree midstream of the download. The pull to be on the mountain was too great so I got up, got in my car and started to drive.

Driving down the road heading through a Douglas Fir forest, I observed the energy the tree had been sending to me, move from tree to tree. Light filaments moving through the massive root systems, as it followed me as I drove. All the way up the mountain I continued to watch the energy, these streams of light relaying from tree to tree. It was fascinating.

The download completed at the top of the mountain.


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