Wisdom from Sabian


Sabian I need something for the blog
What would you like to say?


(Laughing)  That’s a first.

That’s because I am usually talking to you.
Tonight I’d like to talk to everyone else.


There is much angst at the moment and many are allowing their hearts to shut down. It happens without most of them realizing it.
No matter what you are going through to find moments throughout the day to feel grateful. Find something, anything to be grateful for. It doesn’t matter. It’s the feeling that is important. If you are having a difficult time start with something you know you can feel grateful for, use that to start. Once you feel it with one thing it is easier to feel it with something else. You’ve opened up the path for more gratitude.
Moving into gratitude opens the heart.
Many of you out there know this. Are you practicing it?
A loving reminder to do so.
I am grateful for all of you.


Sabian and 35 Cats


Sabian 2004

Why did it take 35 cats to replace the work you did?

It was about the amount of energy and light that I have and could move. Along with the knowledge and wisdom that I carry. Each of the other kitties had a piece of  knowledge and wisdom. It took 35 other beings to hold and work with that amount of energy and knowledge that I contain and was working with.  Each kitty had a quality, gift and talent, that I hold. This made it easier for you to see and recognize. Kryia the independent adventurer. Kuma with no fear, leaping to new heights or reaching for the stars. Sweet, compassionate love from Fern who could do no harm. Lyra with the ability to adapt to her surroundings.

All cats are good at moving energy and clearing negativity. I continued to guide and support the 35  while they were with you and of course Muu with his apprenticeship. 

My commitment to you, to bring those qualities into your life to teach, help and guide you.

Muu’s Story


Muu 2008-2015

Thirty-five cats. I couldn’t believe I had thirty-five cats.  But that’s another story.

On this day I was faced with finding homes for them. Most were kittens, that would be easy I had done it before. I needed to move in a few months and it was time for most of the cats to move to find new homes. I had felt that Fern, one of the original cats, and possibly one other would make the move with me. Sabian, would have come had he still been in a body.

Laying on the couch downstairs I could hear the kittens playing at the top of the stairs. They were still quite small and had just ventured outside the bedroom days before. One of the new favorite places was to sit at the top of the stairs where they could look out over the tops of the redwoods. The feeling of being quite high up but with the safety of a solid floor. The kittens were too small to go down the stairs, let alone climb back up. Occasionally one would try and climb down, fall actually, one or two of the steps then one of the mama cats would come and rescue. It only took a few of these and the rest decided it was better to stay at the top. Stair agility would come a few weeks later when they were bigger.

Kitten noises shifted, they were going back into the bedroom. I closed my eyes to contemplate the options of new homes for the cats and kittens. Wondering how this was all going to sort itself out.

I dozed off.

I was journeying. This one was very different and very vivid from the journeys I had in the past. I could feel I was being taken somewhere. I was not alone.

I found myself flying over a planet filled with pyramids. Their color a shiny silver but with the qualities of gold. As I flew over I was curious about some being so close together. They all looked the same, but I was aware that each pyramid/temple had its own specific function. If my focus stayed on a particular pyramid for any length of time I would be able to see inside.

One moment I was flying and the next I was inside one of these pyramids. It was a healing temple. A stone table in the center of the room. There were smaller rooms with tables off the main room, each used for specialized healing. I didn’t understand much of what was going on, other than I was being offered a gift.

My time and work there complete I began to open my eyes. Wow, what had just happened? As I came fully back into my body lying on the couch. Feeling totally rested and at peace. I felt something on the pillow at the top of my head. I reached up and touched a warm furry body. This tiny kitten had somehow made it down the stairs and climbed his way up onto the couch. It was the black and white kitten affectionately nicknamed ‘Moo’ due to his coloring, similar to a cow. I gently scooped up the sleeping kitten as I slowly sat up.

The dots immediately connected. This little (little only in cat body size) being was the one that took me on this journey. I had felt guided, led by something unseen, being held and supported the entire time.

Version 2

Muu as a kitten on moving day

Sabian filled in the blanks. Muu was one of my guides in training and had come into a body to help. Sabian, a master cat was training him.

Given this information I knew that this was the cat going forward with me. Muu liked the sound of his nickname but wanted the spelling changed. From that day he went from Moo to Muu.

Wisdom from Sabian

sabian-windowBe at peace.

Sit in that stillness for a moment before we begin.


You know everything is about to change and everything feels uncertain.

This is bringing up fear. Fear in the body. It’s more subtle now, but not less intense.

Finding peace with uncertainty. Meaning finding the peace within. Holding that peace in the face of uncertainty.

It can be done when you can embrace uncertainty.

When you recognize uncertainty is a place where there are unlimited options and possibilities

So uncertainty is a place that you will continue to encounter.

Recognize this and know that what is certain is You. The divinity within. Uncertainty is the landscape of unlimited possibilities, but not the possibilities your ego wants to grasp at for comfort. It’s breaking you out of those habits and routines and forcing you to go within.

That connection to source the infinite is what IS certain always. It cannot not be, even when you all you feel is disconnected.

Conversations with Sabian

sabian-windowI usually start by saying ‘Sabian’. This calls him in, lets him know I’m ready. Today he jumps right in as soon as my fingers touch the keyboard. I can barely keep up.

You’re scared that you are not doing this accurately anymore correct?



I’m different and wonder if this is of interest to anyone.

Does it matter?

It’s another exercise in trust. Putting it out there no matter how silly it sounds.

Yes, and?

What matters is … Oh crap!… I’m comparing to other writers. No more. This isn’t about any of that.

So, shall we move on?

You’re in a huge transition. Give yourself some room. There is a learning curve to this and it’s not always going to be an upward trajectory.

You’ll have good and bad days with this (Judging this is your opinion) Where you feel it is more readable and not. The truth is you don’t know what the person needs or gets from the writing.

Maybe nothing, a smile, a laugh or could touch them deeply. All could be true for different beings on the same article. You don’t know.

You made a commitment to write.

That is all you have to do. Besides editing for spelling, etc. But then again, (he’s laughing) — I’m not doing the typing.

From my perspective, it is not good and bad days with this it’s how open you are or not. When you are not very open the words will not be given, you know this, you feel it. You know when to sit down and write and you know that when you are open there is tremendous joy that comes through. It comes through us both. As it is right now.

Wisdom from Sabian


You didn’t think you would get to this part. This feeling of peace until certain tasks were accomplished. 


Don’t focus on the vulnerability you are feeling. This is normal. For this moment don’t think about posting. Just allow what I have to share to come through. 



 You are starting to get it. You are both further along then you know and just beginning to see how much further you have. Which really you have no idea. No, don’t judge yourself. As you open and expand the comprehension will be there. 

LOL… I hear your thoughts. You’re thinking ‘Will I ever talk about something else?’ 

Uncomfortable are we. (Big cat smile)

Who said I would? (Talk about other things)

You assumed it would be about all kinds of things because you knew I had a lot to say. Your mind got in the way and told you all kinds of stories. 


I know this is making you uncomfortable, it’s meant to. Let it…. Let this shake things loose so they can move and leave. You don’t need that stuff anymore. 

Interesting.. Only a few words here yet the feeling for me is enormous.

Different worlds. This will resonate with some and not with others. It’s a very specific place you are in and it was the energy that moved that gave the feeling of enormity.

Conversations with Sabian


What is going on? (I feel very different)

That is not what you want to ask or talk about.

I guess not.

You guess?

Habitual response. No. I know what is going on.

Radical Honesty.

What about it?

You are starting to embrace it like you have not before. Stick with it and do not stop!

Do NOT get spacey. You just shifted something big and it’s easy for you to drop into a meditative state right now, but you need to stay present. In the body.

Meaning meditate, but don’t astral out.

Stay  grounded. A lightness of being AND grounded in presence.

There you go..

Relax and breathe in your beingness.

Yes, doubt will come up. Don’t let it sidetrack you.

Just BE

Not to worry about what is true or not in this moment that is mental thoughts and will sideline you while you practice this.

Just BE for a few minutes.

The truth will sort itself out. Let the thought go.

It’s the part of you that wants to control, that wants to know…

Yes out of head back to your heart

Just BE


Did the truth sort itself?

Yes, it did. Thank you.

Conversations with Sabian


You’re feeling dizzy and would like some information.

Ha! Not where we are going.

You know what it is, let it move.
Stay hydrated and keep up with the removal, the letting go of the egoic structures. The layers are coming fast a furious right now.

Do I need any supplements?

You’ll want the Calm (A calcium, magnesium supplement) in a bit, not right now. Right now it’s water and electrolytes.
Yes, you’ve already had a lot of water… you need more.
The body wants to flush the toxins. Once that is done drink the Calm.

Yes, You can see the fog is lifting (mind has felt foggy) and you are seeing all the stuff that is up in the area. All the to do’s etc.

(I had a visual of mental photographs representing everything that needs to be done. Each task with its own photo.)

Don’t focus on the swirling images of these.
Hand them over to the infinite and allow… ALLOW the sorting.
As they settle down things will become more clear.

They are swirling in part because a part of you is trying to snatch at the next thing. This is where you are not allowing.

Thank you!

Good! You are starting to trust this! (Referring to what is coming through)

Yes… take a few minutes to rest. Not long but more than five. You’ll know when your time is up.

Yes. I’ll tap you on the shoulder. (Sabian is laughing) Kitty fashion to let you know when to switch gears. (Teasingly he shows me claws)
Yes. Give that fear (Of not able to switch gears quickly and getting stuck in resting mode) over to Kali.

(More kitty grins)

Yes, you DO love this and you will be doing more.


(Letting the energy move through me to type this was making me feel better and didn’t want to stop. Began to procrastinate.)

Yes… holding onto this because it is filling you up, it opens your heart, but grasping is an egoic pattern. This won’t work if you are coming from a place of ego.

Let go and Trust.

Muu and the Chipmunk


What is going on with Muu? He is acting strangely. Laying in the middle of the yard quietly for a while now, but not in pounce mode, not playing, just sitting there. I go outside to investigate this odd behavior of his.

As I approach he ignores me to focus on something next to him. I look down and hidden in the little tufts of grass is a chipmunk. Muu watches as the chipmunk investigates the area around him. Not straying but a few feet away from the cat. This went on for a few minutes. Muu laying there hardly moving and the chipmunk doing his investigation. The chipmunk pausing now and then, to gaze at each other.


After a few minutes they would almost play. Muu gently extending his paw the chipmunk coming up to it. The dynamic between them shifted again. Muu seeing that the chipmunk wanted to get closer to him, but was a bit hesitant rolled over on his back exposing his tummy, inviting the chipmunk closer.

Taking advantage of this submissive pose the chipmunk approached. Muu held himself still as the chipmunk came so close that had either moved, they would have been touching.

I watched in amazement as these two beings took their time to get to know one another. No agenda, a peaceful exchange, a beautiful coexistence.

chipmunkmuuRolling over and sitting back up the little friendship exchange seemed to be coming to an end. The chipmunk leaving to go climb a nearby tree. Muu acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred slowly got up and sauntered away.

Conversations with Sabian


Let me guide these sessions. Why are you wondering what others will think? Getting embarrassed? 

Good. Drop it.

I am happy to give the words. Words, for you to type. Sometimes it will be wisdom, guidance or just plain funny stuff.

You don’t need to do anything, relax and be. You know how you really do.

The wind is calling to you. I know it is hot, but you need to go outside for a whileThe wind will blow things out for you. Shade, yes, you will need shade.

There is a bit here.
(Shows me where to go on the property. This time of day there really isn’t any shade here.)

Okay…. Now?

Yes, now. Then come back for more words.

(10 minutes later)

What did you notice when you went outside.

How blistering hot it is in the sun, a new place in the shade to sit and the wind had died down. It was still.

What did you do?

I sat taking it all in and enjoying the surroundings. Wondering what had happened to the wind. It was gusting just before stepping outside.
After a couple of minutes, the wind started to pick up.
I stood and let it wash through me.

But you didn’t look at the energy.

No… I was just being. Staying in the same state as typing this.

Yes, good. And you also need to assess the energy around you. It was quiet, no one around. You didn’t think you needed to check the energy, but you do. You ALWAYS do.

Start to. Know what you are swimming in. What is your own energy doing and what is going on around you when you step out the door. Even here, what are you swimming in? Just like you notice the temperature difference between inside and outside The differences between what it is like as you move into the shade, or walk around the side of the building. You could easily describe the subtle difference in temperature from one area to the next. You need to be able to do this with energy.

Seems like a lot right now, but it will become second nature with a little practice. 

I’ll help with discerning what the energies are.