How Fern & Kryia Came into My Life

Version 2

Fern (front) and Kryia

Living in a small condo with 3 children and one cat seemed like more than enough. One day my thirteen year old came home from school and told me about how his friend’s cat had kittens.

This wasn’t the first time he or the other two children had wanted another cat or dog. I would have gotten us a dog in a heartbeat had there been room. Ours had passed away a few years before and the children really wanted another one. The condo was way too small with a patio just big enough for a table and chairs. It was questionable whether there was room to put anyone in those chairs and in the house we were already tripping over each other.

Our one cat was the only companion animal that made sense in this tiny space. I too had wanted another cat, but every time I thought about it, I would get the strong inner knowing, feeling of No. This had been happening for a few years, always a strong no. It had come to the point where I thought we’d just be a one cat family. Little did I know that one cat would turn into double digits a few years later, but that’s another story.

Sabian, our cat at that time, was very territorial. There were many other cats in the area and it wasn’t uncommon for one to just show up at the door. The un-welcoming hiss from Sabian was enough to send anyone scurrying away. I couldn’t see it working out.

I was quite surprised by the inner answer when my youngest came home to tell me about these kittens. I didn’t get an inner no.

Huh… silence, an opening where there had always been a closed door.

The feeling was strange in that way of being different from what had always been without knowing that a shift had occurred. Sitting with this not making a decision until I was sure. I agreed to go see the kittens.
The friend and his family loved cats you could tell by the way their home was set up and the way they talked about the kittens. I sat on the floor as the kittens were let out to investigate. I waited to see which one would pick us. One stood out, a black, gray & white long haired tabby. Simultaneously the answer shifted to yes. Here was our next cat. When I told the family this was the one they informed me that she had already been spoken for and to pick another kitten.

I was confused. Everything felt right for it to be this kitten. Pick another? I sat for a moment and wondered if I needed to back off. No, there was still a green light to go forward. There was one other gray & white long haired kitten that had seemed somewhat interested. All the others were busy exploring the room and didn’t even seem to notice us.

I said yes to taking the gray & white kitten.

Feeling a bit disappointed and that my intuition had let me down. Doubt sets in. Had I made a mistake? Maybe I shouldn’t have started this? Could I gracefully back out if needed? I didn’t understand what had happened. At the time of our visit the kittens were still too young to be separated from their mother. It would be a good two weeks before we could collect the kitten. Over the next few days the doubt slowly disappeared as I accepted my choice and the excitement over the thoughts of having a kitten in the house.

Kitten pick up day arrived. That morning, an hour before we were to pick up the kitten we got a call from the family. The person who had chosen the other kitten had suddenly backed out. The family was desperate, would we be interested in taking both kittens.?

My heart opened up and with gratitude, knowing the universe had provided.
With a huge smile I said yes.


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