Fern and the wolf. It’s not what you think.


For a time I was graced with living in a beautiful house in the redwoods. It was perfect. I was in ‘town’ yet the configuration of the roads allowed for much privacy between the houses. This one especially. I was at the end of this little driveway with the lot next door empty. You couldn’t really see the neighbors just the beautiful old growth redwoods. A very quiet and peaceful place in the woods with daily visits from the deer, foxes and an occasional coyote.

Fern was a wise cat. I was never concerned about her being outside with all the wildlife. I’d watch as she observed the different animals that came through. She wasn’t territorial like most kitties. Never aggressive with other animals, including other cats. Fern was calm, present and oh, so very wise.

It was early morning twilight. I stepped outside to the deck at the front of the house. As I walked outside I glanced to my right and immediately froze.

For a moment time stood still.

There was Fern as she lay on the railing, looking up the hill. Facing her less than five feet away stood a wolf. Yes, a wolf. I watched as they calmly gazed at each other. Both very much at ease in each others presence. You could see they were communicating with one another and I was interrupting. An interloper to a private conversation that was occurring between these two. A moment later the wolf looked over at me, turned and walked away. Fern got up and gave me a look that said she understood I didn’t mean to intrude but their conversation was cut short. A special moment that felt like it wasn’t meant to be witnessed by a person.

I often wondered if Fern ever got a chance to finish her conversation with the wolf. The deer continued to come by every day. The foxes would trek through and the coyote made an appearance now and then. I watched for months, but never saw the wolf again.


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