Conversations with Sabian


Sabian, I seem to be stuck with nothing to write. The mind is blank even after sitting here for a while. Nothing is showing up.

Blank mind is a good start. This way I have a clean canvas to work from. You are usually so busy judging what you are writing that you cannot hear well. 

Look at this as an opening. A tremendous opening for something new. Something without limits. A place of infinite possibilities. Can you feel it?

My body began to tremble.

Look at why the body went into fear when I asked this question.
Let the fear go so you can articulate it. Don’t worry who will read this. Are you willing to go there?



The fear is frozen, feeling frozen in place at the thought. At first it appeared as overwhelm but that wasn’t the real fear that was covering up the fear that I’ll get it wrong.

Will you?

No. That’s not possible.

The only ‘wrong’ choice for you would be in not making a choice.
You are still judging yourself for a decision you made long ago. Let it go. You will remain and continue to get stuck at this frozen place until you do. 

There are more openings to possibilities than before and many more that you are not letting yourself see. Though, you could if you wanted to.

Once the letting go is complete, sit with the blank canvas, feel into those possibilities and see what presents itself. There is a topic for a story that wants to be shared.

Do you see that this is one of them?




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