Conversations with Sabian


LOL… you really are having a difficult time! I’m right here ready to give you the words to type yet you resist. Breathe and move into your heart. 

The kitty project is now in motion. Keep writing every day and don’t worry about getting it right, just keep writing. It’s always scary when you first start putting your words out for public consumption. Remember, you are not alone in this endeavor. The felines are behind you! And next to you and pouncing on you!

You have a question?

Yes, The message you give seems to be very similar each time. How to open up more so I can receive your full voice?

First, just like that. You need to ask a specific question and not just sit there waiting for reassurance.
Second, you saw the cricket hop in front of you when you were typing. Yes? 


What does cricket medicine say? 

“It is a sign of extreme good luck. All the things that you have been working toward and dreaming about are now possible. Stay open to guidance and cosmic messages, and you will know exactly what you have to do.”

There is your answer. Know that I come to you and give you information more than just words, with which you still struggle, but through your other senses and other animals as well.

I can help bring your attention to things you need to see if you are willing.

Yes. Thank you


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