BE the Grass


On this particular day, I found myself reaching for the camera as I headed outside to the back yard where a beautiful old oak tree stood waiting with a chair beneath. It was a perfect place for a morning cup of tea.

Sitting, sipping my tea and observing the birds and chipmunks as they began to make themselves known. I watched as they got on with their feeding. Birds at the feeder, chipmunks running up and down the trees. Nothing out of the ordinary in a typical quiet backyard, but I was amazed because Muu my cat was right within pouncing distance watching intently in his ready to give chase mode.

The birds were landing on the grass underneath the feeder looking for fallen seeds and the chipmunks were dashing across the grass from one side of the yard to the other going from tree to tree all within feet of this very noticeable black and white kitty. Inwardly I was asking myself how is this happening? How is it that the birds and chipmunks don’t see this cat who looks as if he could pounce at any moment.



Muu began to twitch his tail and turned his stare to me. It was clear he wanted me to watch him and so I did. Silly me, I just thought he just wanted some attention so I picked up the camera and took a few photographs as he proceeded to flatten his body into the grass. You could tell he was quite pleased with himself. He looked to one side and then the other, carefully assessing the space around him. Then Muu focused his gaze straight ahead.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was different. This was not his usual, I’d like your attentionplease behavior. This time there was an intensity and focus to his movements. I was fascinated and continued to watch

It wasn’t until Muu stopped and turned his head to give me that disgusted what’s wrong with you look before I understood. Muu had heard my inner question and was answering me.


He was telling me ‘Be the grass’ and was showing me how to do this. He was trying to teach me how to lay as close to the grass and become it. It was when he  energetically ‘became the grass’ that the other animals didn’t notice him.

He was hiding in plain sight.


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