Wisdom from Sabian


Listen… deeply, deeply listen within first, then without and then both at the same time. Feel how the universe pulsates around you and wishing through you. Let the vibrations of each day of the planet alignments guide and support you. This is an avenue you do not access and is right there for you  A tool in a new way and ancient way. The feline community does this all the time. WE play with the energies, we are masters with them.

Ask for the energies to be shown to you. Your perception, feeling is deepening faster than you (little, egoic you) can keep up with.

There is a personal signature tone/frequency that modifies to reach you through each planet. Like a combination of your signature tone overplayed with that of mars, venues etc..* and the two create a whole new tone… feel those… Exercise for today. See what planets are up and use this with those planets. Yes, the tone beyond human ears… ask for kitty hearing.

* At a time when these two planets were part of a larger alignment a few months ago.


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