Conversations with Sabian


I need to get this blog written.

Go outside.

(I go outside and begin to journal)

Stop journaling and write my words.

Let go of your fear. — Breathe

Stop making it a huge process just write! You may get it wrong, I will tweak you(make corrections). I hear him snickering.

I have no idea where to begin.

Yes, you do. Begin from your heart. What does it yearn for? 

Let it show you by the feelings of peace, calm, watch for an exhale, a sigh. Your body gives you these clues, listen, pay attention.

Ask me to come into your dreams. You thought about it but forgot that piece last night when you were going to sleep.

Relax and remember.


Wisdom from Sabian

I miss you

Why, I’m right here. 

You know I’m always with you when you need me. It works that way with us. Your heart hurts right now. Let it. Allow yourself to feel it, give it space, expand and let the pain go.

You need to stop judging yourself. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. Stop resisting and let go.
I repeat myself because you need to hear it over and over again. There is nothing wrong with what you are hearing.

Remember the crickets, the cricket song? The beauty of this and how nothing is what it seems. With that awareness place it with the crickets you are hearing now. Take a moment and hear the song.

What is your heart singing?

Good. Now listen some more, really listen.

(As soon as I did, I heard the inner silence of the heart and immediately the gusting wind outside stoped.)



Rest in this.



Lyra, born as a beautiful long haired white cat with stunning blue eyes.

She stood out in the small litter of mostly black, gray and white striped tabbies. I watched as she grew, sweet and majestic with no fear. For her there wasn’t anything to really fear. This seemed to come from a place of knowing who she was.

As she got old enough to begin venturing outside I’d watch as she played with her siblings. They would run through the clearing that was covered in spring grass or underneath the redwoods with the dark moss and deep covered logs. She climbed trees and learned how to be outside.

One day I observed her learning stealth moves and how to play hide and seek. Where she had excelled in other areas of outdoor skills, when it came to hide and seek, she just couldn’t hide. I watched as the kittens began to take cover finding their hiding spots. Except for Lyra, all the others began to blend into their surroundings. For her no mater how small she made herself the white fur stood out. You could easily spot the top of her back and tail. She still had no fear, but I did. We lived in an area with foxes and coyotes. The protection skill of hiding was useless with her coloring against the dark backdrop of the redwoods. Especially at night. In the dark, she was like a walking flashlight, her fur reflecting any light present.

Talking with Sharon Callahan, a wonderful animal communicator, I explained my concern for her. Lyra didn’t seem to understand, that because of her coloring how this made her stand out. I told Sharon about Lyra. In trying to hide and get close to the ground, how her tail would go up like a neon flag and how she was easily spotted from above. Sharon seemed to get through to her and Lyra promised to stay close to the house where I could see her, stay out of danger, and she did.


Over the next two weeks I was astonished as Lyra’s coloring began to shift. This white kitty started to get color! A light tan began to emerge along her spine and her white tail began to get dark stripes. I was gobsmacked. Lyra liked her white coat, but she was practical and understood the danger she put herself in by being outside and so easily seen. She changed what she could to not put herself into unnecessary danger. I had no idea that she had the ability to change the color of her fur. The tan deepen and her tail complete with dark stripes.

Even though this happened years ago, I’m still amazed.

Conversations with Sabian

sabian-windowSabian, What would you like to talk about?

What would you like to talk about?

(Dogs are barking warnings and unusual livestock sounds from the neighboring farms.)

You are unsure of where you are right now. Yes? Both figuratively and literally. The animal sounds you are hearing at night are disturbing to your body. As you move through this infant stuff, and beyond there is a rawness. You find yourself in a new, unknown place and your hearing is picking up these animal sounds you are unfamiliar with.

This is new for you. After being use to the animal and nature sounds is what has brought you comfort and familiarity. A source of reassurance. Nature and trees, especially, have felt like home and now the thing that has felt like support feels unsure. Another place where you need to turn inward and look to the divine within and not anything from the outside for your support. 

See. You started to go inward for the energy you were looking outward for and the disturbing sounds have stopped. Let your inner heart sing like the cricket chorus you are enjoying. I love you. (Yes put that in.)

How Fern & Kryia Came into My Life

Version 2

Fern (front) and Kryia

Living in a small condo with 3 children and one cat seemed like more than enough. One day my thirteen year old came home from school and told me about how his friend’s cat had kittens.

This wasn’t the first time he or the other two children had wanted another cat or dog. I would have gotten us a dog in a heartbeat had there been room. Ours had passed away a few years before and the children really wanted another one. The condo was way too small with a patio just big enough for a table and chairs. It was questionable whether there was room to put anyone in those chairs and in the house we were already tripping over each other.

Our one cat was the only companion animal that made sense in this tiny space. I too had wanted another cat, but every time I thought about it, I would get the strong inner knowing, feeling of No. This had been happening for a few years, always a strong no. It had come to the point where I thought we’d just be a one cat family. Little did I know that one cat would turn into double digits a few years later, but that’s another story.

Sabian, our cat at that time, was very territorial. There were many other cats in the area and it wasn’t uncommon for one to just show up at the door. The un-welcoming hiss from Sabian was enough to send anyone scurrying away. I couldn’t see it working out.

I was quite surprised by the inner answer when my youngest came home to tell me about these kittens. I didn’t get an inner no.

Huh… silence, an opening where there had always been a closed door.

The feeling was strange in that way of being different from what had always been without knowing that a shift had occurred. Sitting with this not making a decision until I was sure. I agreed to go see the kittens.
The friend and his family loved cats you could tell by the way their home was set up and the way they talked about the kittens. I sat on the floor as the kittens were let out to investigate. I waited to see which one would pick us. One stood out, a black, gray & white long haired tabby. Simultaneously the answer shifted to yes. Here was our next cat. When I told the family this was the one they informed me that she had already been spoken for and to pick another kitten.

I was confused. Everything felt right for it to be this kitten. Pick another? I sat for a moment and wondered if I needed to back off. No, there was still a green light to go forward. There was one other gray & white long haired kitten that had seemed somewhat interested. All the others were busy exploring the room and didn’t even seem to notice us.

I said yes to taking the gray & white kitten.

Feeling a bit disappointed and that my intuition had let me down. Doubt sets in. Had I made a mistake? Maybe I shouldn’t have started this? Could I gracefully back out if needed? I didn’t understand what had happened. At the time of our visit the kittens were still too young to be separated from their mother. It would be a good two weeks before we could collect the kitten. Over the next few days the doubt slowly disappeared as I accepted my choice and the excitement over the thoughts of having a kitten in the house.

Kitten pick up day arrived. That morning, an hour before we were to pick up the kitten we got a call from the family. The person who had chosen the other kitten had suddenly backed out. The family was desperate, would we be interested in taking both kittens.?

My heart opened up and with gratitude, knowing the universe had provided.
With a huge smile I said yes.

Fern and the wolf. It’s not what you think.


For a time I was graced with living in a beautiful house in the redwoods. It was perfect. I was in ‘town’ yet the configuration of the roads allowed for much privacy between the houses. This one especially. I was at the end of this little driveway with the lot next door empty. You couldn’t really see the neighbors just the beautiful old growth redwoods. A very quiet and peaceful place in the woods with daily visits from the deer, foxes and an occasional coyote.

Fern was a wise cat. I was never concerned about her being outside with all the wildlife. I’d watch as she observed the different animals that came through. She wasn’t territorial like most kitties. Never aggressive with other animals, including other cats. Fern was calm, present and oh, so very wise.

It was early morning twilight. I stepped outside to the deck at the front of the house. As I walked outside I glanced to my right and immediately froze.

For a moment time stood still.

There was Fern as she lay on the railing, looking up the hill. Facing her less than five feet away stood a wolf. Yes, a wolf. I watched as they calmly gazed at each other. Both very much at ease in each others presence. You could see they were communicating with one another and I was interrupting. An interloper to a private conversation that was occurring between these two. A moment later the wolf looked over at me, turned and walked away. Fern got up and gave me a look that said she understood I didn’t mean to intrude but their conversation was cut short. A special moment that felt like it wasn’t meant to be witnessed by a person.

I often wondered if Fern ever got a chance to finish her conversation with the wolf. The deer continued to come by every day. The foxes would trek through and the coyote made an appearance now and then. I watched for months, but never saw the wolf again.

Conversations with Sabian


Sabian, I seem to be stuck with nothing to write. The mind is blank even after sitting here for a while. Nothing is showing up.

Blank mind is a good start. This way I have a clean canvas to work from. You are usually so busy judging what you are writing that you cannot hear well. 

Look at this as an opening. A tremendous opening for something new. Something without limits. A place of infinite possibilities. Can you feel it?

My body began to tremble.

Look at why the body went into fear when I asked this question.
Let the fear go so you can articulate it. Don’t worry who will read this. Are you willing to go there?



The fear is frozen, feeling frozen in place at the thought. At first it appeared as overwhelm but that wasn’t the real fear that was covering up the fear that I’ll get it wrong.

Will you?

No. That’s not possible.

The only ‘wrong’ choice for you would be in not making a choice.
You are still judging yourself for a decision you made long ago. Let it go. You will remain and continue to get stuck at this frozen place until you do. 

There are more openings to possibilities than before and many more that you are not letting yourself see. Though, you could if you wanted to.

Once the letting go is complete, sit with the blank canvas, feel into those possibilities and see what presents itself. There is a topic for a story that wants to be shared.

Do you see that this is one of them?



Conversations with Sabian


LOL… you really are having a difficult time! I’m right here ready to give you the words to type yet you resist. Breathe and move into your heart. 

The kitty project is now in motion. Keep writing every day and don’t worry about getting it right, just keep writing. It’s always scary when you first start putting your words out for public consumption. Remember, you are not alone in this endeavor. The felines are behind you! And next to you and pouncing on you!

You have a question?

Yes, The message you give seems to be very similar each time. How to open up more so I can receive your full voice?

First, just like that. You need to ask a specific question and not just sit there waiting for reassurance.
Second, you saw the cricket hop in front of you when you were typing. Yes? 


What does cricket medicine say? 

“It is a sign of extreme good luck. All the things that you have been working toward and dreaming about are now possible. Stay open to guidance and cosmic messages, and you will know exactly what you have to do.”

There is your answer. Know that I come to you and give you information more than just words, with which you still struggle, but through your other senses and other animals as well.

I can help bring your attention to things you need to see if you are willing.

Yes. Thank you

BE the Grass


On this particular day, I found myself reaching for the camera as I headed outside to the back yard where a beautiful old oak tree stood waiting with a chair beneath. It was a perfect place for a morning cup of tea.

Sitting, sipping my tea and observing the birds and chipmunks as they began to make themselves known. I watched as they got on with their feeding. Birds at the feeder, chipmunks running up and down the trees. Nothing out of the ordinary in a typical quiet backyard, but I was amazed because Muu my cat was right within pouncing distance watching intently in his ready to give chase mode.

The birds were landing on the grass underneath the feeder looking for fallen seeds and the chipmunks were dashing across the grass from one side of the yard to the other going from tree to tree all within feet of this very noticeable black and white kitty. Inwardly I was asking myself how is this happening? How is it that the birds and chipmunks don’t see this cat who looks as if he could pounce at any moment.



Muu began to twitch his tail and turned his stare to me. It was clear he wanted me to watch him and so I did. Silly me, I just thought he just wanted some attention so I picked up the camera and took a few photographs as he proceeded to flatten his body into the grass. You could tell he was quite pleased with himself. He looked to one side and then the other, carefully assessing the space around him. Then Muu focused his gaze straight ahead.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was different. This was not his usual, I’d like your attentionplease behavior. This time there was an intensity and focus to his movements. I was fascinated and continued to watch

It wasn’t until Muu stopped and turned his head to give me that disgusted what’s wrong with you look before I understood. Muu had heard my inner question and was answering me.


He was telling me ‘Be the grass’ and was showing me how to do this. He was trying to teach me how to lay as close to the grass and become it. It was when he  energetically ‘became the grass’ that the other animals didn’t notice him.

He was hiding in plain sight.

Wisdom from Sabian


Listen… deeply, deeply listen within first, then without and then both at the same time. Feel how the universe pulsates around you and wishing through you. Let the vibrations of each day of the planet alignments guide and support you. This is an avenue you do not access and is right there for you  A tool in a new way and ancient way. The feline community does this all the time. WE play with the energies, we are masters with them.

Ask for the energies to be shown to you. Your perception, feeling is deepening faster than you (little, egoic you) can keep up with.

There is a personal signature tone/frequency that modifies to reach you through each planet. Like a combination of your signature tone overplayed with that of mars, venues etc..* and the two create a whole new tone… feel those… Exercise for today. See what planets are up and use this with those planets. Yes, the tone beyond human ears… ask for kitty hearing.

* At a time when these two planets were part of a larger alignment a few months ago.