Sabian’s Story



It all started with Sabian ~

I didn’t know how much I needed a kitty in my life until Sabian came along. I got him from the pound around Christmas time.  There was something special about him, but at the time all I saw was a kitty that needed to come home with me. Unbeknownst to me he began to guide me from the moment I met him.

As I walked down the row of young kittens in their little boxed cages they all were doing little antics to try and capture my attention, all of them meowing. Sabian was different, he just sat there and watched me intently and tracked my movements.

Sabian, “I didn’t need to jump, meow or any of those things. You came for me. I brought you there.”

Our eyes met and the other kitties just didn’t seem to be interesting anymore. It was love at first sight. The volunteer got him out of the cage and took us to a little room where he could move around and we could get to know one another. I remember looking up through the glass and a couple who just arrived before me also looking for a kitten was watching us.

Seeing the volunteer head our way I knew our time together was almost up. I was still wondering if this was the right timing for a new kitten. The trip to the shelter was a spur of the moment kind of thing. No intent to actually get a kitten that day, just a day to look and assess. As these thoughts passed through my mind I got immediately that if I didn’t claim him before the volunteer put him back in his the cage I would lose this kitty to the couple.  They wanted him… I could feel this, which at the time was strange. My intuition at the time was rarely that clear.

Sabian, “It’s about time that you saw the truth of this first meeting. I was the one that gave you the information about the couple. It took a lot of work to get you to the shelter that day.  I wasn’t about to let you jeopardize it by leaving me there.  I came into a body to be your ally, companion and guide.” 

He knew the next few years were going to be challenging and I would need him in my corner.  I hadn’t seen he was the one who had given me the information about the couple.  He had known they would adopt him if I didn’t make a decision right then and there.

Sabian, “I knew you would be a lot of work.”  

His laughter is still ringing in my ears.